Music Production

We pride ourselves on being able to offer high-quality music production services at low-prices. The studio is owned and run by a gigging musician who understands the costs involved in creating amazing music and wants to make the facility available to everyone from your everyday musician and music enthusiast all the way to top-level advertising executives and filmmakers worldwide!

Our music production techniques make use of old-school music creation spending time working on how to best uncover and enhance any music you may bring to us whether it be a three-chord song or a two-note melody. Our main goal is to bring your musical needs and dreams to fruition in the best way possible.

A typical track production consists of ‘Pre-Production’ sessions where we workshop your song looking at musical aspects regarding the tempo, key signature, ambience/mood, etc. We start to uncover and record the basic version of ideas of what we could do. Thereafter you get to benefit from the nearly twenty years of musical abilities we have access to in the studio. Your music will be sculpted and shaped using MIDI, Digital and Analog Instrumentation whereafter we send you audio examples for you to go through. Once you have selected the direction the track should go in, recording and final track production will commence. Session musicians are readily available on every instrument imaginable and recorded using immaculate instruments, amplification, etc. via high-end recording equipment including Preamps, Mixing Consoles and Digital Audio Workstations.

Full Track Production by Shaun Johannes

Additional services include:

1. Audio Post-Production

2. ADR (Dubbing)

3. Voice-Overs