Mixing & Mastering

Audio Mixing is equal parts science and art…

All of the music production that took place in creating your song, jingle, advert, etc. now has to be refined so that you can hear everything clearly and that the best tone was captured and put into the best space. We want to create a vivid sound palette that enhances certain sounds at certain times and creates a sense of space, warmth and width that brings everything together. Making sure the vocals aren’t screeching and the bass not too muddy takes years of experience and having the benefit of having a musician involved in the process is often priceless.

A combination of analogue and digital audio signal processing is used to produce the best sound possible for every audio track individually and how it all melds together. We always welcome input from whoever has booked us whether you have any experience in audio or not…your complete satisfaction is our main goal and will welcome any kind of critique and/or suggestion you feel is valuable.


Once your music is recorded and mixing has been successfully completed and agreed upon, the music must be finalized for its intended use. Mastering is the process of fine-tuning the audio to optimal levels, audio quality and formats for use anywhere you desire. There are international standards regarding overall loudness, cataloging and file-types.

We generally recommend that you send your tracks to be mastered elsewhere so that true objectivity can be maintained and the integrity of your music ensured. We use local audio engineers like Matthew Gair, Andrew Ford, Murray Anderson, David Langeman and Tim Lengfeld but also regularly send tracks to international studios.

Upon completion you will get:

1. Maximum Loudness and Dynamic Range Optimization (LUFS, EBU R128)

2. Multiple Audio Formats (WAV, MP3, FLAC, AAC, M4A)

3. International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) embedded into tracks.

4. Complete Project in DAW (upon request)

5. Individual Audio Separates/Stems (at an additional charge)