We always want to go the extra mile for our clients so we have expanded our services to include…

1. Music Playlist Compilation

We can tailor playlists to suit the mood, ambience and/or identity of your retail outlet, restaurant and so forth. Having the right songs aimed at a specific demographic to increase sales and attract people to your location is where our musical experience really comes to the fore.

2. Music Transcription & Arrangement

We often get asked to transcribe audio of performances and/or rehearsals which is a very specialized and detailed process which require expert ears. We have such ears and years of experience in making your song easily playable across the globe by means of music notation. We also offer you the opportunity to ‘reimagine’ your three-piece rock band to include an orchestra with your song’s main themes/motifs accentuated or to add an ambience/mood in your next recording, show, etc. The great benefit of the transcription service is also for keeping your music documented and in a format that can easily be submitted to your publishers, royalty collection agencies, etc. for safe-keeping.

3. Musical Direction

We have transcribed, rearranged and often composed original works for artists and theatre production. Shaun Johannes has been the ‘Musical Director’ (MD) for artists and theatre productions locally and abroad. We gladly extend this service to you, your school, your band, etc. Our studio has done albums and shows of rearranged/reimagined artists such as Danie Bosman in the show Ou Musikant as well as composed new original works for theatre productions such as Die Tafel.

For additional information please visit www.shaunjohannes.co.za and Wide-Eyed Productions (Cedric Vandenschrik)