Full Track Production

R 6,000-00

We have been running this special package for some time and have produced at least 20 tracks since launching it. This was developed to be a way for anyone to get a song produced, recorded, mixed and mastered and discounted rates. Our team will meet with you, workshop your song, provide you with a few ideas and after you agree to it, produce a completed track with EVERYTHING done while giving you feedback throughout the entire process!

1. Pre-Production

We workshop your song and figure out which tempo, key, arrangement and general feel that could work. We record BASIC versions just so we’ve got something to work with. You leave and then we get cracking…

2. Music Production/Recording

Our resident music (mad!) scientist, Shaun Johannes, records all the instrumentation live and whatever he can’t play himself will programme to the best of his ability. Instrument Plugins, Loops, Samples, etc. get used to manufacture everything else we require.

3. Overdubs/Additional Sessions/Session Musicians

After you’ve selected the direction you want to go in and we discuss the possibility of recording session musicians/artists to add that special something to the music. If you are one of the performers on the track, we will book an additional 3-hour session at no additional charge!

4. Mixing & Mastering

Here we start finishing up the editing and put all of the audio where it needs to be harmonically, tonally & spatially. Once you have agreed to a Final Mix we will go on to Master your song and finalize it in several formats for you to use anywhere.