Every project is unique in the same way that every song we create is unique…

Some projects require hours and some require minutes and we need to make sure that we always do the utmost possible at the lowest costs to you!

We maintain industry-standard pricing as it pertains to any session musicians, voice-over artists, specialists, etc. that we need to involve to get your music to where it needs to be allowed to flourish!

Our rates generally work as follows:

  • We DO NOT do hourly rates!
  • Sessions are booked as 3-hour blocks whether you use 10 minutes or all three hours.
  • The more you book, the more we discount our rates as a studio but session musicians, artists, etc. rates remain the same.

The Rates

(Based on 3-hour sessions or any part thereof)

Pre-Production R 1,500-00

This is where we workshop and start to make headway into exactly what your song needs and how best we can achieve it by trying out different tempos, genres, grooves, etc.

Audio Recording/Programming R 2,000-00

This is where we spend time making your music by recording audio, programming MIDI, importing/manipulating Loops, etc. We make sure we capture the sound, tone and emotion as best we can while ensuring that special magic from the performers makes it to your project!

Audio Mixing (per track) R 1,500-00

All of the recorded media will be edited and placed into the correct positions for optimum results. Audio engineering here makes sure that everything sounds good individually and collectively using Equalisation, Dynamics processing and so forth.

Audio Mastering (per track) R 500-00

This is where the final tone, volume and technical finalising of the mixed track happens. We embed ISRC into your tracks, export them into varying digital formats and level all of the audio to match international industry practices so that your music is ready to be sent everywhere in the world for any application, digital publishing (iTunes, Spotify, etc.) and so forth

Session Musicians/Artists R 2,000-00

While these rates generally vary amongst Session Musicians (Instrumentalists/Vocalists), we must guarantee the basic rate in South Africa. Fees can always be negotiated depending on the nature of what they need to play/perform and how many sessions it would take to get it perfectly recorded. All of the musicians affiliated to the studio are the best in South Africa and we are very capable of connecting with international performers as well.