Mixing & Mastering Guidelines

Mixing Guidelines

We currently operate at 44.1kHz (Audio/CD) and 48kHz (Video/DVD) Sample Rates and either at a 24-bit depth so please supply mixes accordingly.

We are happy to receive complete sessions from you but as long as they are projects in Pro Tools 9, Cubase 8 and Logic Pro X. We prefer to mix in Pro Tools and Cubase.

In the event of a completion date, you will need to submit your project at least 7 days prior so that we can prepare sessions accordingly.

Every song that is submitted has to include a session called Rough Mix which will give us a sense of the tones, reverbs, delays, etc that you would like to head towards.

Session Preparations for you to do before submission:
  1. Export your project as Backups but do not include Unused Audio. So all we want are the final tracks completely edited and raw. Be sure to back up a copy of the session for yourself too!
  2. Remove ALL plugins, automation and processing.
  3. Any FX, reverbs, delays, etc. that you want to specifically keep needs to be recorded and labelled correctly. So if you want a plugin like Amplitube on your guitar track, then record it and label it the original guitar part as Guitar DRY and the plugin as Guitar FX.
  4. Track labelling should be clear and concise. So a typical Drum Set will be Kick IN, Kick OUT, Snare TOP, Snare BOTTOM, HiHats, Tom 1/2/3, Overhead LEFT, Overhead RIGHT, Drum ROOM. Other instrumentation and vocals should keep the same system throughout.
  5. Send as many notes and comments on instruments, reverbs, tones, etc. as you like. We will try to accommodate as many as possible unless it starts to compromise the track and/or processing.

Mastering Guidelines

Ensure that all of the final mixes and their alternative versions (TV Mix, Radio Edit, etc.) are included in the submission per track.

Include ALL of the MetaData per track. Information that you need to embed in your songs must be submitted and double-checked for spelling. Examples of MetaData include Track Title, Album Name, ISRC, Composer and Track Order.

Send the best audio format for your music. A WAV file with a 44.1kHz/48kHz Sampling Rate 24-bit depth (or higher) is the standard that we prefer. If you’re sending MP3 files…then we will have to have a serious talk:-)

Ensure that all of your tracks do not exceed -6db volume. Anything more than that makes mastering a bit tricky with trying to maintain the integrity of the audio tonally and dynamically without having to battle audio saturation and distortion.

Feel free to leave as many notes as possible about every track and comment on things which you need help with, want to improve upon and so forth in order for us to give you the best results possible!